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Looking for a trusted coach with deep experience and a proven track record of helping athletes thrive in sport AND life? If so, we’re glad you’re here.
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Our goal at Alchemy Endurance is to provide you with an unmatched coaching experience.

We start with open and honest communication to understand your training history, racing goals, the unique demands of your life, and who you are as a person. We then work to provide you with customized training plans, guided by science and influenced by our rich experience as clinician-coaches who have worked along the injury to performance spectrum.



Chris Johnson and Joel SATTGAST in bike helmets

Chris Johnson PT

Chris is a physical therapist, endurance coach, author, teacher, consultant, and multiple-time Kona qualifier. He aims to be a resource for athletes passionate about running and triathlon.

Joel Sattgast PT, DPT, OCS

Joel is a performance coach, working with runners, cyclists, and triathletes nationally and internationally and providing consulting and mentorship opportunities for developing rehabilitation professionals and coaches.

Our Story

“There’s no way this guy living in Omaha, Nebraska, will get his ducks in a row to make it to New York City to intern with me, let alone survive here.”

That was my first thought when Joel initially reached out to coordinate a clinical rotation with me in the Spring of 2011.

Joel was wrapping up his clinical doctorate of physical therapy at Creighton University.

I was hustling as a young entrepreneur in Manhattan, where I owned and operated a concierge physical therapy and coaching business in the Flatiron District.

At this point in my professional journey, having just left the Nicholas Institute of Sports Medicine, I’d gone all-in on working with runners and triathletes…a domain that also piqued Joel’s interest and prompted him to reach out to coordinate an affiliation with me.

Let’s get something straight…
I had reservations about taking Joel on as a student as I didn’t have time to be a chaperone in NYC.

However, I trusted my instinct as he seemed to share a similar set of core values and had an impressive resume.

Next thing I knew, Joel was standing at the entrance of my space on the 11th Floor of 115 W. 27th St with multiple bags in hand. The rest is history!

His first day on the job...UNFORGETTABLE!

I suppose it was my way of initiating him to the Big Apple. Joel can’t say I didn’t warn him that his experience would be “different,” mainly because he’d have to keep up with me running and riding around the city…twas simply part of my existence as an entrepreneur and multi-sport athlete.

Since that first day when we danced around potholes while dodging pedestrians, cyclists, and taxis before crossing the Brooklyn Bridge for a lunchtime swim at the YMCA, I knew Joel was not only willing but beyond capable of handling anything and everything thrown at him.

Despite life taking a lot of twists and turns for us between cross-country moves and setbacks, not to mention becoming fathers, we’ve remained close colleagues and friends for the past decade on top of having a mutual and deep respect for each other.


Joel and I live in the state of Washington (Spokane and Seattle, respectively) with our families. We work together as coaches and collaborate on various regional, national, and international projects to elevate the standard of care and coaching for endurance athletes. We also continue to train and race as Masters level endurance athletes, which affords us a more refined lens into our athletes’ challenges and struggles.

Through our collective professional, athletic, and life experience, we’ve cultivated a refined understanding of our role and work, which continues to evolve.

At this point, we've helped numerous athletes achieve PRs, land on podiums, and qualify for the prestigious Boston and Ironman World Championships while maintaining a balance between training and life. Helping athletes accomplish these audacious goals never gets old!

The athletes who thrive under our watch demonstrate patience, persistence, perseverance, and appreciate that, as Joel likes to say… “Good things take time…great things take a little longer.

Our Coaching Philosophy

We believe in the power of partnership. We realize that every athlete must be approached on an individualized basis consistent with their goals and motivations to train and compete while recognizing their unique ecosystem. We appreciate the enduring impact of our words and actions as coaches and that coaching involves transparency, feedback, and engagement to ultimately foster confidence in (and ownership of) the plan. We apply a science-based framework while prioritizing safety, ongoing testing, and monitoring. Our athletes exude sportsmanship, mental toughness, grit, accountability, and an unwavering commitment to reach their best through consistent and deliberate practice. Our ultimate goal is to have our athletes positioned to perform on race day and thrive in life.

If training and racing are important to you and you feel like we may be a good fit, please reach out. We look forward to getting a lens into your situation and learning how we can position you for a breakout performance or success as you define it.


We offer 3 levels of programming for runners and triathletes to fit your specific needs.

Man Running with headphones


For athletes looking for structure while affording some flexibility

Chris Johnson on triathlon bike


For athletes who have enjoyed consistent & healthy training and are looking to set a personal best

Woman running marathon


For athletes determined to get on the podium, qualify for age group nationals, Boston, or Ironman World Championships in the 70.3 or full ironman distance


To provide you with the best possible coaching, we deliver your programs one week at a time. We do this, given life’s twists and turns. It’s therefore essential to adapt one’s training to their schedule to ensure that we put you in the best possible situation to succeed.

We deliver all programs through Training Peaks. This platform allows you to upload training data so our coaches can analyze your progress remotely and provide you with feedback based on their interpretation of the data. Training Peaks also allows coaches and athletes to communicate via a notes section?

Our fees vary depending on the level of communication the client is looking for. The various options and deliverables are listed on the file going over each program and associated deliverables.

We take automated payment through major credit cards, direct deposit, and PayPal.

We only take on athletes who commit to at least a 4-month training block, given the role of process and adaptation related to improvement.

There are no weekly group sessions though we periodically meet up for group workouts on the weekends.

Absolutely! We work with all types of athletes, people new to the sport, recreational athletes, masters athletes, and elite level athletes.

We have helped athletes complete and place in events such as:

  • Kona Ironman World
  • Championships
  • Ironman 70.3 World
  • Championships
  • Ironman
  • Ironman 70.3
  • Boston Marathon
  • Marathons & 1/2
  • Marathons
  • Olympic Distance
  • Triathlons
  • 5K, 10K Running Races
  • Ultras

Let’s Get Started on Your Goals​

Reach out to find out how Alchemy Endurance can help you reach your next performance milestone.